Civic involvement

In line with our commitment to sustainability, every year we provide financial support to various civic, social, cultural and environmental NGO’s and institutions.

Organizations and projects we support (selection)

NGOs, Social & Culture

Nature & Environment


Chameleon expeditions Tanzania, Seychelles, Sokotra/Jemen, Madagascar

Information about projects we support

NGOs, Social & Culture

March 2022, aid organization
Donation ambulance vehicle to I.S.A.R.


I.S.A.R. is a non-profit aid organization (“International Search-and-Rescue”). It provides and coordinates international aid after natural disasters, accidents and humanitarian disasters.

The ambulance vehicle is used to support rescue workers on the Poland/Ukraine border who are working to deal with the consequences of the refugee crisis as a result of the Ukraine conflict.


Images of the transfer of the ambulance vehicle to Poland and the handover on site.

Development assistance, education
NGO «Room to Read»

Room to Read seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in developing countries by concentrating on literacy and gender equality in education.

Room to Read

Ethical business decision
Hendriks Graszoden Group

The well-known Dutch sports turf manufacturer Hendriks Graszoden decided not to deliver turf for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar - partly because of human rights violations.

Bruno Manser Fonds

2022, aid organization
Digger Foundation

Digger Demining

The Digger foundation in Tavannes BE, which specializes in demining, wants to help Ukraine by supplying one of its machines.

Press release, (german)

2021, aid organization
Unicef, COVAX campaign

2021, Culture
Ghost Festival

The Ghost Festival, which “did not take place” on February 27 and 28 of 2021, was the biggest event ever in solidarity with Swiss musicians.

Development assistance
Saint Lucy Foundation

Rays of hope for the visually impaired in disadvantaged regions.

st lucy foundation

Nature & Environment

March 2023, environmental protection
Race for Nature

Race for Nature

A ski race to protect our nature.

From March 15th to 18th, 2023 we were part of the charity ski race "Race for Nature in Arosa"! 

During the three-day event, forward-thinking companies and recognized nature conservation organizations met for an uplifting exchange and the search for new solutions. The event to protect our nature is organized by the Tschuggen Collection, the first climate-neutral premium hotel group in Switzerland.


Bruno Manser Fund

The Bruno Manser Fund works to preserve threatened tropical rainforests and protect the rights of rainforest inhabitants on the island of Borneo.

Bruno Manser Fonds

Nature/sustainability, culture
Film entitled “Bruno Manser – die Stimme des Regenwaldes” (“Bruno Manser – the voice of the rainforest”)

Bruno Manser Filmplakat
Bruno Manser Filmplakat - Detail


Chameleon expeditions Tanzania, Seychelles, Sokotra/Jemen, Madagascar

2023, Nature
Chameleon expedition Tanzania

chameleon, tanzanina

Chameleon expedition to the northern mountain regions of Tanzania, September / October 2023



2021, Nature
Chameleon expedition Seychelles



2019, Nature
Chameleon expedition Sokotra

Sokotra Titelbild



2018, Nature
Chameleon expedition Madagascar, 2018

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