Seychelles, Belize and Barbados Blue Bonds benefiting the oceans

27. Sep 2022

Belize, Barbados and Seychelles are stepping up their efforts to protect the seas.

With Blue Bonds they want to achieve greater impacts in the protection and sustainable use of the oceans.

As with climate protection with "green bonds", the capital markets could become a driving force in marine protection too. With "Blue Bonds", capital should increasingly flow into ocean-friendly projects.

What is a Blue Bond?

The blue bond is a debt instrument issued by governments, development banks or others to raise capital from impact investors to finance marine and ocean-based projects that have positive environmental, economic and climate benefits. The blue bond is inspired by the green bond concept, which people are more familiar with. (Source: World Bank)


World Bank

Sovereign Blue Bond Issuance: Frequently Asked Questions
Seychelles Achieves World First with Sovereign Blue Bond

CFFA (Coalition for fair fishing arrangements)

The Belize Blue Bond

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse finances The Nature Conservancy’s Blue Bond for marine conservation for Belize

TNC (The Nature Conservancy)

The Nature Conservancy Announces Its Third Global Debt Conversion in Barbados


Caribbean Development Bank – Financing the Blue Economy.pdf
CFFA – The Belize Blue Bond
Dick Labonte – Blue Bond: The Seychelles Experience
TNC – Belize Debt Conversion Case Study

Blue Bonds
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