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Convertible bonds

In a market environment full of uncertainty, it is all the more important to have flexible, adaptable investment products. Convertible bonds offer the best of both worlds: performance when stock prices rise and safety during stock-market turbulence. They are therefore especially suitable for investors who wish to take on minimal risk but still wish to profit if stock prices go up.


With convertible bonds, investors can make their wealth work for them in a relatively safe way for many years, so they are able to participate in longer-term rate increases of different companies without being directly exposed to the stock market’s wide fluctuations.

Our own experience as well as statistical values show that similarly high performance and results are possible with only half the fluctuation range (risk). The possibility of smoothing out fluctuations is due primarily to the fact that when stock markets are shaken, convertible bonds are gently caught by their bond floor, like an acrobat in a net. This level is, in each case, the particular bond rate at which the bond’s yield is equal to that of the company’s regular bonds, while it then again attains the 100% nominal value to counter the decline.

Convertible bonds – current information

Daily current prices, information and documents are available on our funds portal.


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