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Private investors, institutional investors

The convertible-bond and high-interest bond offerings are authorized for sale to private investors and institutional investors. The structured products and services offerings (asset management, investment funds for a broader spectrum of investors, depot analyses, second opinions) are directed only to private investors.

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Our products and services are directed only to investors from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein (CH, DE, AT, LI).

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High-yield bonds

Our selection of suitable high-yield bonds is based on a 360° assessment of macro- and micro-economic factors like the political environment, currency and interest rate trajectories (top-down) as well as systematic evaluation of individual high-interest bonds with a strategic focus on high-potential countries, sectors and markets (bottom-up). A holistic view of the world of business and finance makes it possible to recognize potential in time.


Bonds that yield an above-average interest coupon compared with the usual interest rates of investment-grade corporate bonds, government bonds or savings accounts are called high-interest bonds. In the current low-interest environment, this is of course relative, but usually it is 4% over inflation. The credit-quality segment includes every NON-investment-grade segment, meaning everything under a BBB- investment quality (BB+-CCC-). The issuers are either companies that because of their cyclical nature are subject to greater economic/sales fluctuations and risks or companies that are being developed further with private-equity shareholders and thus have a higher debt burden, or developing countries.

With regard to the latter, we as a sustainably acting company must also, in addition to the usual standard ESG criteria, ensure that such a company is not just being squeezed out, but that the debt burden and dividend policy are reasonable; politics also increasingly play a significant role in developing/emerging-market countries with regard to whether a country is, in our view, developing in a direction that is too totalitarian, meaning away from the people and toward the ruling powers.


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