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Please note: our additional services are directed only to private investors domiciled in Switzerland, Germany, Austria or Liechtenstein.

Legal notices

Private investors, institutional investors

The convertible-bond and high-interest bond offerings are authorized for sale to private investors and institutional investors. The structured products and services offerings (asset management, investment funds for a broader spectrum of investors, depot analyses, second opinions) are directed only to private investors.

Country restrictions

Our products and services are directed only to investors from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein (CH, DE, AT, LI).

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Additional services

Our name was not chosen randomly. Chameleons have many characteristics that are very useful in the financial world and inspire us every day.
Thus, our 360° perspective allows us to collect information in a holistic way about the business and financial world and provides us with stability and sure-footedness for managing assets, as well as agility and speed for recognizing and utilizing opportunities.
The wide range of our services and products and of their characteristics allows us to adapt flexibly to varying market situations so that we can optimally address individual customer needs.
It’s no accident that our focus is on convertible bonds, a flexible investment medium with a level of adaptability that ensures an optimal risk-benefit ratio while also allowing investors to profit from rising stock prices.

Brief descriptions of services


Wealth management

Traditional, integrated wealth management for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals (maximum personalization due to concentration on small number of clients)


Investment funds

Attractive investment funds for a broader spectrum of investors


Depot analyses

Professional depot analyses with respect to tax optimization, optimization of risk-benefit profile and depot allocation


Second opinions

Well-founded second opinions on specific asset management questions


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