Purchase and sale criteria

Purchase criteria


  • As good as possible relation from maximum achievable yields and lower knock-in, barriers etc. (level at which product changes into a share with the full risk)
  • Bonus or discount in sensible relationship to maximum profit
  • Short duration 1-2 years, maximum 5 years

Underlying securities

  • High or stable volatility
  • Good chart-technical formation
  • Interesting underlying security and company story/situation

Target yields 7-15% p.a.

Debtor rating
They must have a good credit standing so that claims arising from the certificate can be redeemed.


Sale Criteria

Underlying securities

In the event of a significant deterioration in the parameters of the underlying value which the product is based on due to chart-related or fundamental reasons

Deterioration in the debtor quality of the issuer

If new opportunities arise which make a substitution of another product seem necessary from a profit/risk point of view.

In order to have the pleasure of the full earning potential, these products are usually held until maturity.



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